Domenic Troiano is the best guitarist you've never heard of. Born in Italy in the late 1940s, he grew up in Canada and quickly developed a love of rock & roll. Toronto's R&B music scene was thriving in the mid-1960s, and Troiano was in the center of it. After playing guitar with Robbie Lane and the Disciples, Mandala and Bush, he joined the James Gang in 1972, replacing Joe Walsh. Domenic recorded two albums with the band before leaving, and he later joined the Guess Who in 1974, recording two albums with that band as well. From 1972 to 1979, he released five solo albums, all featuring a wide variety of music and an assortment of musicians. Popular music icons such as Randy Bachman, Joe Cocker and Diana Ross recruited him to play guitar on their albums. As a session player, he worked with an array of respected musicians and producers including Donald Fagen, Bob Ezrin, Larry Carlton, Todd Rundgren, Gary Katz, David Sanborn and Vini Poncia. In the '80s, Domenic primarily worked on music for movies and television shows, and in March 1996, he was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Much of Domenic's recorded work has been remastered and released on CD for a new generation of music lovers to enjoy.

Domenic's musical style is difficult to pin down. With rock as his base, he played R&B, soul, funk, fusion and blues in his years as a professional musician. He composed complex pieces, intriguing instrumentals and radio-ready pop songs, all with equal heart and skill. Intricate but powerful, his guitar playing is an interesting rock style that borrows elements of jazz and blues. Domenic commonly wrote lyrics about hope and finding the confidence to achieve success in life. The unique words, music and guitar playing combined to create a sound that can only be labeled as Troiano's. Domenic has often been called "a musician's musician." No matter who he played with or what kind of music it was, Domenic always maintained a high level of musicianship in his work. This standard of quality explains why he has a devoted following in Canada, Europe and America to this day. To me, he is one of the great unsung rock guitarists of our time. It's a shame that he never found greater commercial success. This proves that some of the best performers are the ones few people are familiar with.

Created in October of 1999, this fan site has grown considerably since its inception. I have compiled information from a large number of sources, including other Troiano fans from around the world, in an attempt to present a comprehensive and informative web page dedicated to Domenic. I hope you enjoy browsing this site, but if you really want to appreciate Troiano's work, listen to the music!

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The Guess Who's Flavours and Power in the Music, both featuring Troiano, have been
released on CD by Iconoclassic. The discs feature remastered sound, bonus tracks and
extensive liner notes.
Flavours at Amazon
Power in the Music at Amazon

Mandala's Soul Crusade was released on CD June 29, 2010. It's available on Pacemaker
(Canada) or Wounded Bird (U.S.).
Soul Crusade at Amazon (Wounded Bird)
Soul Crusade at Amazon (Pacemaker)

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"I was sad to hear that Domenic Troiano lost out to cancer the other day. Dom was a touring mate of ours in the mid '70s when he was with the James Gang. Walter and I used to stand in the wings after our set and watch as he played the long, psychedelic solos required of him. It was the sort of gig where he'd end up under a followspot on his knees sending these sustained, creamy lines heavenward, or at least out into the crowd of worshipful, wine and quaalude-addled young men. Nevertheless, Dom always added a very personal elegance to everything he played.

We'd met him before, in the late sixties in New York when we were doing session work for Gary Katz. He had just done a couple years with a popular "blue-eyed" soul unit, Mandala. We were both knocked out by his beautiful technique and the energy he brought to the session. He could do it all - startling licks, clear octave lines, driving rhythm parts - whatever the party called for. Everyone wanted to play with Dom. When we were starting up Steely Dan, he was one of the first guys we called. Dom said, thanks, but he was just too busy."

Donald Fagen, 2005

"Domenic's contribution to Canadian music is unmeasurable. He is one of the finest instrumentalists that Canada has ever produced. He has had an influence on every kid who picked up a guitar in Canada since he started playing."

Bob Ezrin, 2005

"On June 30, 1967, I saw the Mandala at the North York Centennial Arena. At the side of the stage Donny gave me his autograph and his Mandala button. He told me how important it was to keep practicing and if I worked hard, I might get the chance to stand on stage and play for people some day. I was beaming. He was my first real inspiration and to this day I have a deep love and admiration for a man who truly knew the meaning of soul. I am proud to be a humble part of his enduring influence."

Alex Lifeson, 2013

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