Domenic Troiano | Print References (in chronological order)

"Domenic Troiano: A Musician's Musician," by Mike Thompson
--- from Music Canada Quarterly, December 1972
"Troiano and Kenner Make it as James Gang Writers, Members," by Larry LeBlanc
--- from Music Scene, Jan/Feb 1973
"The Gang that Couldn't," by Joe Eszterhas
--- from Rolling Stone, February 1, 1973
"Tricky" (album review), by Howard Mosher
--- from Guitar Player, October 1973
"Flavours" (album review), by Bart Testa
--- from Crawdaddy, February 1975
"The Guess Who: Pounds Lighter and Tons Happier, the Winning's Just Beginning for this Canuck Foursome," by Gene Sculatti
--- from Creem, February 1975
"Domenic Troiano: On His Own Again"
--- from RPM Weekly, March 12, 1977
"The Outer Limits of a Guitarist Extraordinaire," by John Lamont
--- from Stagelife, September 1977
"Domenic Troiano," by Kirk LaPointe
--- from Record Week, October 17, 1977
"Burnin' at the Stake" (album review), by John Swenson
--- from Rolling Stone, October 20, 1977
"Domenic Troiano: Canadian Guitarist with Bush, Guess Who, Mandala, and James Gang Goes Solo," by Larry LeBlanc
--- from Guitar Player, January 1978
"Domenic Troiano: Fret Fever Becomes an Epidemic," by J.J. Linden
--- from RPM Weekly, August 11, 1979
"Domenic Troiano," by Jim Norris
--- from Canadian Musician, Sept/Oct 1979
"Listening to Guitarists"
--- from Canadian Musician, Number 1, 1980
"Domenic Troiano"
--- from Canadian Musician, Number 6, 1983
"MIDI Madness Reigns for Domenic Troiano," by Ashley Collie
--- from Canadian Musician, June 1987
"A True Canadian Pioneer"
--- from Music Express, June 1989
"Time Flies," by Keith Sharp
--- from Canadian Musician, Number 2, 1992
"Domenic Troiano: from Soul Crusade to Night Heat," by Martin Melhuish
--- from Record Week, March 11, 1996
"Blasts from the Past," by Nicholas Jennings
--- from Maclean's, March 11, 1996
"Domenic Troiano: Frayed Nerves and New Opportunities," by Maureen Littlejohn
--- from Words and Music, May 1996
"The Tone Zone," by Bruce Adamson
--- from Canadian Musician, Number 3, 1996
"Canadian Seals British Pop Icons with an X," by Betsy Powell
--- from Toronto Star, January 13, 1997
"Bush Free to Cross out X in Canada," by Jane Stevenson
--- from Toronto Sun, April 18, 1997
Before the Gold Rush, by Nicholas Jennings, 1997

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